For years I have been hooked on RC aircraft. I started off loving to build them, and tinkering. Then the world opened up when I got instruction on flying them. After a couple of years under instruction from Jim “Ace” Ellis I am now a stunt, sports flyer, and an AMA certified instructor.

This is my A-1 Sky Raider also known as the Sandy in the Vietnam war. It was used as a low level attack plane to protect down pilots during rescue operations. This plane has a wing span of 84 inches and 9.6 pound flying weight. Looks real nice on low passes down the runway!

My three favorite planes Habu EDF

Left pic are my three favorite planes, left side is my Pulse designed by Hanger 9, The right is my Saratogo designed by Hanger 9. In the back is my Stick. The Saratoga and the Pulse are mild sport flyers compared to my Stick. The Stick has a larger motor then designed for. Balancing was challenging but it has unlimited vertical and can really tear up the sky. But don’t take your eye off of her.
The right picture is my Habu II EDF jet. Its like flying a dart. Not much for aerobatics, but interesting none the less.

My newest plane is the Avanti. I first saw it fly in St. George, Utah and really liked its handling. It fly’s just as good fast or slow. Definitely a sport plane, but for a jet it can do lots of aerobatic maneuvers.